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This page is SO out of date. I've not been doing TS stuff for a couple of years. Feel free to have fun with the info here though.

Take a look at what I've been up too recently:

I've written guides to the XCC Utilities. There are listed below.

XCC AV Player, view it here.

XCC Mix Editor, view it here.

XCC Mixer, view it here.

Download the Doc version of all three in one file here.

I've updated my Guide to Editing TS. It now includes more info on map files, turret swapping, the threat rating node (thanks to DeeZire) and more! Download it Here It is in doc format.

Download Dark Worlds II This ia a complete rework of my first Dark Worlds mod. It can be played with either TS or Firestorm, but has some special features in firestorm... Watch out for the AI too, it is deadly in this version. I lost my first game against the rework in only 6 minutes, on level 2 ai, game set to normal. It is mean.

S.Murphy has submitted a cool mod. New World, go to the downloads section and check it out.

Okay, some of you my read my post in BG:TS forum about the big blue tiberium crystal. Click Here to view it.

Okay here is the beta of my new 4 side mod. Let me know what you think. Beta mod download

New map, check it out! Origin Battle Ground Map Submitted by -iOnEye-.

NEW MAPS PAGE IS UP! With 5 maps! Check it out!

I finally finished my notes and example mod for how to add a third (or more) side to Tiberian Sun. The notes include step by step instuctions on how to do it.
Download Notes and Mod
Download Notes only
Download Notes in txt format

It is out! Dark Worlds is here. This has more goodies than the last mod!

Tons of new units, bat file, night features!
Keep checking back, I'll be adding more features soon! Check out the XCC utilities from Olaf. They rock!

Check back often for the lastest mods and maps!

New Page IS UP!

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